AIDS AND RACE.... Dear Doris, I am not afraid of judgement day... I am afraid of watching the dead rise!!! No offence but, this story for everyone coming back is not a good idea!!! I know, I know.... about our loved ones and all... I think its even scarier watching our loved ones, people we know emerge from graves... Tombstones toppling left and right... "yaay... There is Aunty Ruth!! Lets go say hi!!" p.s Aunty Ruth died 37 years ago... So, I am not scared of all my sins played in 3D backed up by Dolby surround systems. I mean, who doesnt lie?? and who doesnt pinch babies so that they can cry and disturb their mothers!!? Who doesnt whistle at whores on that Hurling-ham... yeah, I even stop to ask "how much.." just for fun though!! Apart from the dead resurrecting... AIDS comes in second on my 'SHIT I FEAR' list!! I remember in primary school, during HIV/AIDS class.... Yeah we had those... My teacher went on and on the way if you had it, you would diarrhea non stop till the day you die!! That for me was enough... Then that Nkosi's speech... WHARRTTT!!!Listen to this...Blacksrelax "I hate having AIDS because I get very sick and I get very sad when I think of all the other children and babies that are sick with AIDS. I just wish that the government can start giving AZT to pregnant HIV mothers to help stop the virus being passed on to their babies. Babies are dying very quickly and I know one little abandoned baby who came to stay with us and his name was Micky. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't eat and he was so sick and Mommy Gail had to phone welfare to have him admitted to a hospital and he died. But he was such a cute little baby and I think the government must start doing it because I don't want babies to die." If you read that speech I dont think you will ever have sex without a condom... I am yet to read it nail biting. Enough about killer diseases!! I went to this Indian shop to buy credit... Guess what the old Indian bitch behind the till told me... "we dont accept dirty money!!" The nerve!! I think its because I am black!! I walked out, without a worry in the world!! Just at the entarnce to the mini supermaket was a small black borad with things on offer... I kicked that baby so hard it flew across the parking lot!!! Felt good!! but shoving this dirty note up her ass would have felt better!! I am going to be a racist now... Blame it all on a fuckin wrinkly Indian!!! Q:what is the Indian's biggest dilemma? A: free beef! rolling on the floor

the sketch

i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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