SCARED SHITLESS Dear Doris, So i follow my routine - get to the office, switch on my already on computer because i sneaked out the day before and left my music playing so people would think i am still around!! I then plug my ipod and shuffle my music!!! Be advised that i have 4856 songs in my ipod, so its hard to ever listen to the same song!! So here i am, i press play and the 1st song that comes up is Sing Out by Ron Kenoly!! I have very few gospel songs so never before have they always come up in my play list!! I get excited and sing along happily!!! I sit back and think about the past... how we were forced to sing this song in primary school!!! i laugh lightly!!! The second song is Celebrate Jesus by Don Moen!! Now something is definitely up! Doris, I have 36 gospel songs out of all my 4856!!! Two songs following each other was some murd coincidence!! I let it slide and Celebrate Jesus!! Its not like its a bad thing right?? Now this next one is scary... the third song that plays is Jesus is the Answer by Yolanda Adams. I am totally freaked out. This has to be a sign!! So I am asking myself all these questions... 2010-06-23Is it something i did? is it a sign? i start reviewing my prayers. When was the last time I prayed, and when was the last time I thanked God and when...and when.....and when...... You know how all these gospel songs end in random applause?? yeah, so Jesus is the answer ends in the same.... There is an abnormal pause between this and the next song! I wait!! Justbefore i hit the next button... Above all by Lenny Leblanc!! I laugh loudly in disbelief and leave my office to fix myself a cup of tea!! I do not stop my music though. I go outside with my tea and randomly pace round the compound.... i lose track of time and get lost in thought... my tea now cold... then someone shouts from the office, "Ian you have very nice gospel music!" I come back to my office and Lilly of the valley by Forester Sisters is playing!! Just out of curiosity i click Previous just to check what song played before this..... The Potter's Hand by Darlene Zschech!! Doris I am scared!!! just so you know Napesi by Makoma is playing as we speak..i mean write!!

the sketch

i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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