SILLY WOMEN Dear Doris, It is indeed sad! This what i am aboutto explain..... First i would like to apologise for having gone so long...I have been on leave and i dont have internet at home!!! But i am here now, so wipe those tears, Ian is here!!! Where do i start my love? So we are in the club after a coctail thing at Blanco's last Saturday!! It was my cousins birthday...and it wasnt a coctail thing for me coz i was broke...I sipped on one bottle of soda for almost 4 hours!!!We hit the club at about midnight... 12 friends, two of which were female!! HERE COMES THE SILLY WOMEN..... so we are standing in a group...9 men in a group can be pretty intimidaing...and i understand that!! So this BITCH come over and hugs 8 of the nine men....and ignores my presence!!! UWIIII! I was burning!!! She was beautiful, sijakataa!! But lengaing me like that was not acceptable.... she is a friend of the group(not mine) but Lord knows i would give no squirts of piss if i found her dying on the road side!!!! SILLY WOMAN NUMBER ONE!!! Noir-1 SILLY WOMAN NUMBER TWO i really dont care about coz she had a really big head and was wearing green!! A woman with a big head wearing my worst color is just a waste of energy!!! She spilt beer on my jacket...MY GAP JACKET, the fuckin' smilled at me! That big head clearly had nothing isnside!!! I am so annoyed!!! Enough about the that night, eventhough there is a 3rd silly woman!she is the silliest of them all! i will not say more about her because he reads my diary!! In more complicated issues, i am in love with my friend's, friend's girlfriend!!! hahaah!! She is always in a sun dress!! Innocent and beyond! These dresses are always sightly transparent, just enough to let you see blur shapes!! MY HEAVENS!!! i have thus far seen her twice in a row(without my friends friend) and I have promised myself that if there is a third time....my friends friend will not be so lucky!! SO HELP ME GOD!!! P.S- I DO NOT DO SPELL CHECKS ON MY DIARY.... SO SUCK ON YOUR GRIEF COZ MORE SPELLING MISTAKES ARE COMING YOUR WAY!!!im just saying!
OPPOSITES ATTRACT Dear Doris, You have no idea how being away from you has made me sad!! As we speak my heart overflows with sadness... Sadness from uncertainity!! Is it really uncertainity or an unquestionable fact i have just come across!!? Bottom line is, I am sad and its not because it a Monday!!! A whole load has happened since we last spoke... Maybe i have exaggerated a little bit. What i meant to say was...aghh, forget it!!! I am hungry!! I have just had a lot of drama in the bathroom!! Thing is, I ate out last night...my stomch is experiencing what i refer to ass "cul sur le feu" which means ASS ON FIRE in french!!! So about the drama...We have these office meetings every Monday morning that i lead...You can imagine how long i tried holding in my CURSE!! An hour into the meeting, i had had it and excused myself... South_park_kenny-12666 "get yourselves a cup of tea people... I have to take this call!!' i said and sped off!!! LIFE MADE SO MUCH SENSE.... I had to hurry because the whole office was waiting for me to continue!!! So i hurried...My efforts came to a sudden halt when i flushed the toilet!!!! INSTEAD OF THE SHIT GOING.....THE SHIT WAS COMING!!!!! I will end my story here as i am getting nausiated!! AND I HAVENT HAD MY breakfast!!But just to make things clear, i made t back to the meeting dry =) In other news, on the bus to work this morning, i met two teenagers going to school!! They had the weirdest discussions!!! So one goes..." opposites attract right??" The other one stupidly shouts..."Oh my gawwwd Rob, you in love or something!!hahaah" Rob get pissed but calmly continues.... "If so, then a man with a huge ding ding can get attracted to another with...." He did not finish.... "Nigga you gay!!! No homo man!!!" The other one sparks!!! They get off at Consolata!! What do we teach our children these days??!!!

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i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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