THE GOLD MINE.... I am at the office and ready to work!!! Before I left the house I was prayed for...to have a fruitful day, staying here talking to you is the least bit fruitful...I take that back!!! let me start over... Dearest Snowflake, I dont just call you Snowflake because it is a pretty name... i call you that because it is next to impossible that two snowflakes are exactly alike due to the roughly 10 water molecules which make up a snowflake,which grow at different rates and in different patterns depending on the changing temperature and humidity within the atmosphere that the snowflake falls through on its way to the ground united. Wikipedia babe!!! Doris, you know what i hate? Just like God, i too hate a lying tongue!!!! Pd349105 So let me tell you a funny story about my high school... Its a short story about a small abandoned gold mine situated a kilometer and a half away from school.... where we ALL washed our bodies(all 4o0 naked men scrubbed their frames in pure day)...the white man would call it showering!! We shared a bathroom with a whole village!! Barma!! As in thats the name of the village!! And by bathroom i mean the abandoned gold mine!!! If you dont quite get the picture, try imagining a HUGE HOLE WITH STAGNANT WATER(plus stories went round about three boys who lost their lives in it)!!! SORRY, i take that back...i meant HUGE HOLE WITH DIRTY STAGNANT WATER!!! Can you see it now!? Moving on... When i say we shared it with the whole village.... I MEAN THE WHOLE FUCKIN VILLAGE!!! humans, cattle, goats,dogs, chicken...... ANIMALS!!!! I am sure the picture is building up in you head!!!This hole is where all 400 washed our clothes and took our animals to dring then dippied our soapy selves for a perfect rinse!!! it was called ONGORO!!!! Dont laugh just yet!! Moving on...Sb10067218x-001 We had 45 minutes to dash to this 'bathroom' , shower...then dash back!!! Remember when i said it was about a kilometre and a half???!! Yeah...imagine the speeed you had to use!! We would get back to scho ol dirtier than we had left!!! DONT LAUGH JUST YET!!! A bell would ring, "ONGORO TIME" ! Grown men dashed out the school gates and headed for THE GOLD!!! We would leave the school approximatelly 270 guys but only 150 would make it there for reasons i will explain!!! 1. Some students lived around the school and used this time to go home...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! 2. other students had business to take care of elsewhere around the vicinity ie. trade soap for a cob of maize!!! 3. a few rotten student used this oppotunity to do drugs!!! 3241083345_f71c568cbf_z 4. I most of the time used this time to take a walk!!! I would slowly walk to Ongoro...this means that guys would start coming back before i got there..I came back with the first goup!! YES I DIDNT 'SHOWER" some of the time!!!I found myself indulging into the famous barter trade,where we would trade my bar of soap for a cob of roasted maize (that was almost completely hard) or mangoes!! THIS BUSINESS WAS EXTREMELY ILLEGAL!!!! There was this once the cooks used water from Ongoro to make tea!! NIGGAZ diarrhoead!!!!! Ongoro is where guys would set up their fights!!! I mean, who would get you there?? even if you killed your opponent, you would simply tie him to an anchor and sink the nigger!!! Coming back late from 'the gold' meant NO SUPPER!!! I slept hungry å many times!!! The best part: SHARING the 'gold' with the village meant SHARING WITH 'THE GOLD' VILLAGE!!! You do not quite understand Doris..... We would get to Ongoro and find the village women 'showering'!!! It was über-disgusting the first few days of the term but as time went by, there was this SEXY ISLAND thing going on!!! They loved it too!!! 29 bathing woman TAKE NOTE:THIS WAS VERY ILLEGAL AND WOMEN FOUND 'SHOWERING' DURING OUR TIME WERE PUNISHED BY THE AREA ELDERS/ CHIEF!!! haha!! there was this one village woman who was mad and would come to where all the boy were and give us a little show!! HAHAAH!! By show i mean 'NOT SEX'!!! She would go like "look at my p***"hahaha!! I wish i could tell you the rest of that story....hahahahaa!!! No matter how much i complain about Ongoro, it was by far the best part of the day!!! once in a while we had teachers coming over to "SUPERVISE"!! HAHAHAHA!!! NOW YOU CAN LAUGH!!!

the sketch

i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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