Strivers achieve what dreamers believe. Dearest Doris, I have to do this really fast coz i have a crazy deadline to meet!! By crazy i mean in the next 15 minutes!!!! I had written a full post yesterday but lost everything when the lights went out!! i was so annoyed!!! 14 minutes and counting!!!!! I will try remembering what i went on about...but be warned, its my old work!!! Foto_4167 I think it was something like this: The weekend was AWESOMELY boring!!! it was a wedding weekend!!! You know how they start early and full of hunger pangs then at some point you got to line up for food???! Yeah....something like that!!! Dont get me wrong, i am not saying i hate weddings!!!! I Love weddings...no thats not it...i love the view in weddings!!!! By view i mean all the beautiful women around dressed up to the TEETH!!!! So at this particular wedding i happened to be part of the security!!! You can imagine an innocent kid like me with barely flesh on, wearing a SECURITY tag!!! I looked like SNOOP DOG in a security jacket!!! in other words...RIDICULOUS!! 11 minutes and counting!!!! You already know that security guys are always at the entrance or exit!!! You know what this means right?? I saw almost everyone who walked in!!! this is major advantage!! I kept track of all the females that streamed in the church... All is a blur fro then on till this woman is a grey satin dress checked in!!! She wasnt padded like i like them but she had something else that blinded her not being plus size! Her satin dress grasped her body with a graceful force...as in she had a dress on but you could see everything that went on underneath!!! IT WASNT TRANSPARENT LIKE MOST OF YOU ARE ALREADY THINKING!!!! BE POETIC...SHISHHHH!!! So where was i?? yeah..her waist danced in her dress, her hair jet black that made so much sense under the Karen Blixen Museum sunlight.....her strides were sure and her face matched it all!! I thought it was only me looking.... i looked round and all the jaws were on the ground!!!! In seconds word had gone round..her name....her job...her car...HER HUSBAND!!!!! I must say that last one hit me on the rib!!! She was the talk of the day!! I even forgot about security...The vicinity was very unsafe!!! I even pocketed my SECURITY TAG!!! If i worked for DAILY PLANET she would have made cover being whisked away by superman....WHO WILL BE PLAYED BY ME!!! After the wedding after party, which ended at like 3am, we went to Psys for a quick one before heading home.... Imagine 6 guys in suits in a club standing together...the stir we caused was unbelievable!!!!we headed home after 2 FANTAs! In other news, on my way to work today i hugged some chic, i barely know her... she was really short and not PADDED!! if i hadnt have said i was getting late for work, she wouldnt have stopped talking!! but thats nothing...SHE SMEARED LIPSTICK ON MY AUTOGRAPH SHIRT!!!!!!! and IT WILL NOT FUCKIN COME OFF!!!!! i am sorry for cussing!!! And if she s reading this...then i am in big trouble!!! did i tell you my deadline has already passed!!! in other words Doris, I AM IN TROUBLE!!! p.s- i think the picture on this post is magnificent!!!!

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i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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