WOMAN OF THE YEAR!! Ohh Doris, how many are the hours i sat on my be reminiscing on the good times we have had... how many are the days i feared never seeing you again!!! how many.... in sooth i do not know why i am sad!! HAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Shakespeare aside... lets get down to business!!!! So yesterday was very depressing...is it just me o i am always depressed!!!? Peter_griffin yesterday i was to TRAVEL home with my cuz Abi.... i use travel coz that matatu ride is a journey meyynnn!!! She tells me shes at Dormans and i should meet her there!!! in my head, she's probably with a new boyfriend she wants me to meet (which is super rare) or she's with a girl she wants me to MEET!!! this happens all the time!!hahaha! i will explain!!! when i get to Dormans, i make an entrance, which no one notices......FAILURE TO LAUNCH 1 i am blind, so i squint as i look around carrying my art bag which is HUGEEEEEE!! i look stupid rooted at the door doing this..............FAILURE TO LAUNCH 2 i see abi, in a group of like 50,000 people. i have been walking for long and my shoes are dusty !!man!! and coz of my back pack my shirt is untucked from behind (i could feel the gentle breeze hit my ass with such tender swag.....................FAILURE TO LAUNCH 3 at this table there is this Abis friend who i think is super sexy(who i really like).............FAILURE TO LAUNCH 4 i am super shy around abis friends............... 5th and last FAILURE TO LAUNCH so i have terrible ways to deal with situations like these...i would have ordered for a lot oof food that id have to eat fast coz we were almost leaving, thus talk less to people around me!!! But i was lucky to get a call from my business partner to pick up a few things from some place!!! I shot off immediately if not before!!! just outside Dormans i met Peter, a 10 year old beggar in a red track suit!! woiyee feelings ran all over me!! i will explain how i learnt his name!!! he asked me for some money to buy bread...i told him i would buy for him if he came with me to the supermarket. on our way tehre we talked about a lot of things... He told me he would be a doctor and would treat me and my family for free if I WAS REALLY GOING TO BUY HIM BREAD!! i asked him if he knew about the Bible!! He said no, "But i know Jesus!!" he said. i told him about Peter in the Bible!! The supermarket was still quite far from where we were and i didnt want to drag him half across town with me...so i gave him all the money i had and told him to make sure he got himself some bread!!! it was 280/= He was very excited and told me "Mungu akubariki!" so many times!!!! after talking to my business partner i headed back to dormans where Abi was still comfortably seated but i ha d to wait OUTSIDE (coz i was frozen!! they were closing) coz she was paying my transport back home. i got home depressed!! but it wasnt coz of THE DORMANS SAGA!!! sigh!!!! i called my small sis coz there is this thing her voice does to my stress points.....i had 70 bob!! so didnt talk long!! but i wasnt depressed when i was done!!! I LOVE YOU ABBA!!!

the sketch

i am 'THE SKETCH' read it and weep....

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